An Espresso MachineA cup of coffee is an essential beverage for most employees before starting out their workday. However, there are many times an employee might be too pressed for time to fix a cup before heading to the office. With changing tastes, a cup of instant coffee does not seem like a satisfying option anymore. 

Here are some benefits you can reap by investing in a high-quality espresso machine from office coffee suppliers:

Increased Productivity

It is estimated that 47% of workers leave the office during business hours to get a cup of coffee from the nearest high street shop. Buying an office espresso machine will ensure that this percentage can now get coffee in the office. This will save many hours spent queuing at the coffee shop and the time taken to walk to and from the shop. More time at the office will mean increased productivity at the workplace.

Hospitality for Your Guests

Serving a beverage to your clients during meetings or while they're waiting to be served is a good way to make them feel welcome and appreciated. However, they will not have such a worthy experience when you are serving a cup of dull, tasteless coffee. High-quality coffee will be a pleasant beverage for your business associates and will make them feel valuable. In fact, some clients might just start dropping by for a cup of coffee.

Increasing Teamwork

Coffee breaks at the office are a good time to interact with colleagues in a more relaxed way. Studies have shown these breaks have a positive effect on teamwork. Good relationships in the office ensure your workers share ideas and work together for the good of the company.

Caffeinated coffee will also keep your staff alert and creative. When looking for an office coffee supplier, quality is essential. Even the best coffee can taste dull when brewed with broken machines. Choose a reliable and consistent machine to avoid costly repairs.