Classy boardroomStudies have shown that workplace design can affect employee productivity. If you’re redesigning your office boardroom this year, here are some design tips that can help increase productivity during meetings.

It’s all about the furniture

When you’re shopping for boardroom furniture, you don’t need to stick with the formal furniture styles. Your boardroom should also reflect the nature and vibe of your company. So if you’re a millennial startup, you can do away with boring meeting tables and chairs. Instead, go for the ones that help inspire creativity and collaboration. Consider getting comfortable chairs with various prints and colours. An interesting rug can add character to the meeting room. Anything but boring wooden tables and chairs.

Increase use of natural light

Studies have also shown that natural light helps reduce eye strain, headaches, and weariness. It can also improve productivity and positivity among the employees. If your boardroom doesn’t have large windows that provide natural light, you can fake natural light by using LED daylight panels. This way, you can change the energy in the room by merely turning on the lights!

Consider a dry erase wall

Have you ever attended a meeting where everyone’s head is down because they are busy writing down their notes? While it can be a good thing, engagement can go down because they could not be listening at all. You can help improve participation and involvement by using a dry erase wall so people can write on it and contribute their ideas. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s so cheap to install one too!

Improving Work Spaces

These simple tricks can transform your dull boardroom into a fun and creative space where people can contribute their ideas and not feel intimidated. Keep these in mind if you’re doing some design upgrades this year.