Scene inside printing roomThe myth about the imminent death of print may still be alive but brand owners and managers can rest assured that it will remain just a theory. It is obvious on the other hand, that print has evolved and is still evolving. The preferable position for a brand manager would be to see this evolution as an advantage. Necessity is now laid upon marketers to properly align brands with the appropriate media based on parameters such as target audience and demographics, among others. In the same vein, business stationery printing is still very relevant to companies. According to the report of a joint study conducted by the Print Media Academy of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG and the Faculty of Advertising and Marketing Communication of Stuttgart Media University, the greatest packaging impact typically results from a combination of print and electronic media. In the same vein, the study found that including print as a part of the media mix increased suitability and sustainability for addressing some target groups.

Here are three reasons print collaterals are still relevant.

It provides a sensory experience

Inasmuch as electronic media is on the ascendancy, it still falls short of print in the provision of a tangible sensory experience. Because of its ability to appeal to more than three senses, print has the ability to increase the impact of a brand’s advertising efforts.

Elicitation of Excitement

It is interesting to note that many people still attach higher credibility to print materials. When using for mailing purposes, the adage still applies: “If someone invested enough to print and mail it, it must be important.” In other words, many people will consider reading a letter on a printed letterhead over an electronic copy.

Re-emphasises Corporate Identity

The company’s corporate identity is quickly recognised and reinforced when using print materials collaterals. Company stationery catches attention and builds brand integrity especially when it is visually attractive.

Whether it is the letterhead, direct mail, envelopes, presentation folders or business cards, print collaterals still provide a powerful stimulus for the brand. A company’s ability to leverage its innate potentials, combined with digital marketing efforts, will go a long way in building brand value.