polycarbonate roof and arcWith various material options available for your property’s roofing, it is easy to get overwhelmed. One of the latest roofing options today is polycarbonate roofing sheets. This roofing option has proved to be the leading option for all industrial and domestic applications.

Polycarbonate roofing systems are formed through linking of various carbonate groups by an extrusion or moulding process. Also, these sheets have several physical properties that make them a standout among the many roofing material options in the market.

Optical Properties

Polycarbonate roofing sheets have aromatic rings that prevent the formation of a crystalline structure. This is the primary reason for the superior optical properties of polycarbonate sheets. They have a refractive index of approximately 1.584 that prevents absorption of heat and significantly lowers the indoor cooling cost of a home or industrial facility.

Dimension Stability

Polycarbonate sheets are also known for their dimension stability. Their rigid polymer chain makes it possible for them to withstand extreme stretching forces. This explains why polycarbonate roofs do not break even when exposed to extreme temperature fluctuations.


The considerable strength of polycarbonate roofing sheets is the reason they are often the top choice for greenhouses, glazing and properties in regions with rough climatic conditions. The compressive modulus of the sheets is 2 GPa, and they have a compressive yield strength of 70 MPa. Plus, polycarbonate roofing sheets go through various tests to guarantee their strength.

The above properties make polycarbonate sheets the best option for your skylights, greenhouses and sunrooms. VariCo Ltd also says polycarbonate roofing systems are ideal for carports, awnings, shopping centres and covered walkways. Even with the above properties, polycarbonate roofing sheets are inexpensive. So, there is no reason for you to settle for any other material for your roof.