House Model Under Woman's HandsSeveral potential homeowners nowadays still prefer to get a house and land package, especially to those who are looking forward to owning new homes here in Point Cook.

However, you need to consider several things when buying a packaged property deal.

1. Know the kind of house and land package available

There are two primary options for a house and land package. One is when you purchase the land first right before the house construction, and two is when you buy a fully-constructed house right on the developer’s land property.

You may want to choose one that will work well with your budget.

2. Choose the right estate

The actual property is not the only thing you should consider when buying a house and land package. You should also choose the right community that fits your lifestyle and your needs. You should pay attention to infrastructures near the neighbourhood, such as schools or hospitals.

3. Ensure you are working with a reputable developer

You have to ensure you are buying a package from a reputable developer. Although there are several ones you can choose from, you might still want to know more about their reputation before purchasing a house and land package from them.

4. Check if the lot will be enough for your needs

You might also want to check if the lot area will be able to accommodate your needs and has enough room for any upgrading in the future. Checking the lot is also important so you will know the right house construction for the available space.

Getting assistance from a professional is essential, especially if it is going to be your first home. You might also want to get your solicitor to examine the contract for builders insurance, quality warranties, plans and specifications and any cost differences that may occur.