Hotel receptionThe arrival and check-in process of hotel guests has a huge impact on the whole experience. Therefore, you need to make sure that you can provide them with top-level treatment as soon as they’re ushered into the lobby. Here are some tips to help increase customer satisfaction rating through a memorable check-in experience:

1. Adopt technology

Guests hate it when they have to wait for so long before they can check-in. Make this process easy and breezy by using technologies. As suggested by Hubspot, there are many ways that can make this more efficient.

2. Personalise your service

One size never fits all, so you need to approach your customers differently. To do this, get all the necessary information as soon as they make their reservations — their purpose of visit, whether they are first-timers in the city, or if they have special requests. Your approach would depend on all these factors. The tiny details will go a long way, too. It can be as simple as addressing them and writing welcome cards.

3. Provide local tips

This is something that will be appreciated by both the first time and the non-first-time tourists. Make their stay memorable by helping them get around the city and plan their itinerary. Create your own materials that sum up everything about the city that you can distribute upon check-in. You can also get fliers and better yet, discount coupons from agencies.

4. Have a comfortable lounge area

Waiting makes customers irate and impatient, but with a nice lounge, they will be able to cool down even for a bit. Be creative and go beyond the expectations. Instead of the usual hotel lobby, you can perhaps have a book bar or a sports bar. Make sure that you offer refreshments too, like infused water recipes in a catering beverage dispenser.

5. Welcome them warmly

It’s possible to innovate different ways within the check-in process, but without a happy and friendly team welcoming your guests, customer satisfaction is unlikely to increase. Invest in training your staff. Empower them by letting them know that at the end of the day, customer satisfaction largely relies on their performance.

More travellers today are willing to pay for an exceptional service and customer experience. If you’re thinking of increasing your rating by purchasing expensive furniture or making major renovations, review the service that you provide first starting from the moment your guests arrive.