self storage facilityIf you need a temporary place to keep your belongings, renting a self-storage unit is a safe and affordable option. However, with so many facilities in your area, how do you know which one is the best? If you’re on the hunt for the self-storage facility that fits your needs, here are important qualities to consider.


Naturally, self-storage facilities should be accessible. But in this sense, accessible not only entails being in an ideal location, it also involves actually getting to the unit, itself. For multi-story facilities, for instance, there should be enough freight lifts or elevators for customers to easily access upper floors. For single-story facilities, rolling carts and moving dollies should always be available so you can carry and transfer your items, with ease. You should also be able to access the unit seven days a week.


While you don’t need to have a plush storage unit, it’s important to make sure it is a suitable environment for your valuable belongings. For example, in a location that enjoys the warm Mediterranean climate, such as Santa Barbara, a climate-controlled unit is a must. Security and surveillance systems should also be top-notch. Bond Storage, for instance, offers keypad-controlled access to make sure that you’re the only person who can access your unit.

Unit Size

Ideally, the size of the unit you rent should accommodate the number of items that you need to store. Big storage facilities offer many different sizes. Employees at the facility will be able to help you determine the right size for your items. If you think that you may need to store more items in the future, go for the next size up to what you currently need.


When deciding which facility to choose, you should also consider the pricing and payment options. Much like finding an apartment, it’s wise to shop around and look for a unit that you can afford to rent. Failure to pay rent may result in a lien, which will give the lessor the right to take control of your items.


Opting for insurance is an added cost, but it will protect your financial interests should something happen to your items. Since you’re the only one who will have access to your storage unit, the facility is not liable to cover losses you incur because of theft. You may either purchase insurance from the lessor, or from a third-party carrier.

Renting a self-storage unit is a safe, convenient, and cost-effective option of keeping your valuable possessions safe. As a temporary home for your belongings, it is important to choose the ideal facility.