A man working on a headlight repairThe light you see emitting from your car’s headlights are produced by high-intensity bulbs, which are installed in either glass or plastic headlight housing cases.

They come in plenty of designs, colors, and shapes, and can be readily replaced in case they burn out. Sometimes, however, these headlights may fail to function, affecting the driveability and safety of your vehicle. This can be dangerous and illegal, particularly, while driving at night in Arizona.

Fortunately, before breaking down, faulty headlights will show signs that they need attention. Here are ways to determine whether you require headlight restoration services.

On and off flickering

Bulb flickering comes about because of worn out or damaged headlight bulb filaments. Alternatively, it can be as a result of a lousy connection or harness inside your vehicle. A flickering bulb will often burn out shortly after the flickering starts. As such, it is essential that you have your car checked as soon as you notice it.

Dim headlights

Dim headlights are the most common indicator of failing vehicle headlights. Due to extended use, bulbs experience wear and tear, which makes them shine less light in comparison to when they were new. Additionally, the dim illumination may warp your perspective when driving on the road, making you prone to accident.

A blowing headlight fuse

A headlight fuse is meant to protect your headlight from blowing out. Various reasons lead to blown of a fuse. They include: a faulty high beam bulb, wrong wire connections, and exposed wiring, damaged or faulty bulb, and using the wrong bulb wattage. As such, ensure that your vehicle is checked as soon as possible to prevent accidents.

When replacing a faulty headlight bulb, it is recommended that you replace them in pairs. This is important because if one bulb is showing signs of failing, the other one will soon follow suit. It is critical that you have your vehicle checked by a professional who could determine repair or replacement.