grey cat with two bowls of cat foodCats thrive best when they are well-cared for. They love being touched and played with and aren’t that independent as most people think they are. Dave’s Pet Food says that cats need clean water to be made available to them at all times. And that’s just a basic part of a cat’s life that you have to know as a cat owner. If you want to keep your feline friends happy, here are 5 things you can give them that they’ll definitely love you for.

1. Entertainment

Cats love to pounce, hunt, and jump from one place to another. Give them a toy mouse to bite and bully. Or a ball of string to toss around with. Give them toys to play with and a place where they can be their bouncy, furry selves.

2. Outdoor Playtime

Cats are easy to satisfy as they play indoors. But sometimes, giving them a bigger space to play in can also give them more exercise and time to practice their hunting skills. Just keep an eye on them when they’re out and keep them away from pet-strangers to prevent any fights.

3. A Clean Environment

Cats spend almost 50% of their time cleaning themselves. So, it’s only right that you, as their human, maintain that cleanliness by keeping their surroundings clean.

4. The Right Food

Some cats prefer certain food over others. Some may even develop allergies from certain kinds of meat. Knowing the right kind of food that’s best for your cats can be best determined by your vet.

5. A Lot of Love

Cats love to twirl around your leg and rub their cheeks against your skin. How can you not give that love back? Spend a few minutes every day rubbing their belly or scratching their head. You’ll be surprised how much stronger your bond will be with them. Your furball feline friend can give you so much joy and relieve your stress at the end of a tiring day that it’s just right to give them these little luxuries. Cats are loyal and sweet especially if you show them how much you care for them. So provide them with the love and care they need, and they’ll be your furry stress relievers for as long as they can be.