Modern Home InteriorThere are about a few hundred ways to decorate every home, and there are several hundred ways a home can be built. Fortunately for homeowners, there are themes they can follow and build on. Here are a few ways to decorate your home:

Picture that

Pretty, charming, cute – but it may also be monotonous. To break the colors and ease the monotony, decorate at least one wall with pictures. Visit a studio that offers family photography in Utah and have a few portraits taken. Mix them up with framed pictures you’ve taken on family trips. You can also put up a few framed photos of nature. Colorful art is nice, as well. If the room is colorful already, you might want to go with black and white.

Brick it

That’s bad news if you’re talking about an iPhone, but it’s a growing trend that’s getting a lot of praise when it comes to home design. Strip away that drywall and expose the clay-and-mortar blocks, which tell the story of your home.

One caveat: Bricks are porous, so they tend to gather moisture and dirt particles. The solution? Apply acrylic-based paint or sealant for protection against moisture. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum to dust. No clay-and-mortar work under the drywall, or not quite ready to do that much work? Try some realistic brick design wallpaper.

Stripe it down

Stripes on your walls, stripes on your carpets. Varying sizes of stripes are beautiful to look at. Vertical stripes also lend some height to your walls, which is one solution for rooms with low ceilings.

Let it bloom

Love flora? Let your home pop with color with a floral themed design. It’s not limited to your furniture since you can do it on your walls and even your ceilings. Don’t forget about curtains and lampshades. When you get tired of the design, buy new wallpaper and replace the curtains. You can also buy covers for your sofa or have it re-upholstered.

These are only a handful of ideas for decorating your home. There is no end to design suggestions online; all you need is a little time to do your own research.