a real estate agent touring a coupleHome buying in Victoria can be tough. More than it being a major financial decision, the struggle usually happens because there’s such a thing called paradox of choice. People think that the more choices they have, the better. That’s true. But it could also leave you confused and tired.

The key to making home buying less stressful is to narrow down choices, and that starts in knowing what type of home buyer you are. That entails pinning down your budget, your lifestyle, and preferences. Before you take a look at house and land packages, see which type of home buyer you are here:

Move-in Ready Buyers

These buyers are looking for a property that’s already finished. Houses that need renovations or front yard facelifts are out of the conversation. Often, the priority is time, more than the money. They would want to move in as quickly as they can, probably because there’s a job waiting for them at a particular location or a baby on the way.

If you’re this type of homebuyer, you may want to check out packages of house and land Donnybrook, Vic real estate experts offer. And be sure to list down your non-negotiables for a house so you can further narrow down your choices.


These people want to get down and dirty at renovations. They’re looking for broken-down properties, so they can transform them into beautiful houses with their personal touch. Unlike the move-in ready buyers, the priority for these kinds of home buyers is money, more than the time. It’s actually beneficial for them to spend more time looking at properties, so they could compare prices. What they want is a property sold at the lowest price possible, so they get as much money savings as they can for the renovation.

If you’re this type of home buyer, look for foreclosed properties. It’s also important to write down the essentials you’re looking for in a home so you can find a property that’s already close to what you’re envisioning.


These buyers aren’t just looking for starter homes. They would want a property they can live in for the next 20 to 30 years. Often, these buyers have children or other relatives planning to stay with them. The most important priority for these buyers isn’t the time or money; it’s the fit in the lifestyle.

If you’re this type of home buyer, look for properties near establishments, like schools, parks, shopping centers, etc. These spaces would help accommodate your changing lifestyles. All the same, list down your non-negotiables in a property so you can further limit your choices.

Knowing what kind of home buyer you are makes the home buying process less stressful. So, what type of home buyer are you?