White Motor BoatIt is a given fact that used boats are less expensive than the new ones. Buying pre-owned boats, however, comes with a few risks. For one, boats have many components, compartments, and accessories that are necessary but impossible to see at first glance. Failure to check the condition of those parts may lead to serious issues in the future, which could cost you a lot of repair costs.

To make sure you’re buying a good pre-owned boat, don’t forget to check these possible problems:

1. Engine Issues

Purchase a boat with a bad engine, and you’re going to have a bad time. So, listen to how the engine sounds when it’s running. Remember, good-conditioned engines have smooth sounds. Also, check the plugs; they shouldn’t be encased in carbon. If you’re not sure how to inspect a boat engine, bring a friend who does. Better yet, ask a mechanic to go along with you for the test ride, as always advised by the experts at D&R Sports Center (Boats Center).

2. Saturated Foam

It 's hard to notice this problem right away, but, there are a few tricks to detect it. Look closely at how the boat floats, for instance. If it’s possible, ask the boat owner to remove any heavy gear on the vessel, and then see the way it floats. Is it perfectly even? Can you see the scuppers above the waterline? If the answer to one of these questions is no, then you need an expert to check the foam or shop further somewhere else.

3. Cabin Leaks

Watermarks in the cabin are definite signs of cabin leaks. But if the seller has done a great job cleaning the boat, you might not find those watermarks when you inspect it. To see if there is any leak, ask the owner if you can take a hose and spray it at potential leak spots on the boat. Then, go down the cabin and check for any leakage or presence of moisture.

Pre-owned boats are a great buy, as long as you’re getting one in a fair condition. To further increase your chances of getting a good used boat, shop in the most trusted and credible sellers in your area.