A CemeteryUtah has a lot of cemeteries for those pre-planning their funeral. You may be looking at Bountiful’s finest, but with each option looking better than the last you’ve checked, how do you decide? Forget about the bells and whistles for a bit and focus on the following aspects:


Pre-planning the funeral is as much about you as it is about the people you will leave behind. Find a cemetery in Bountiful like Lindquist Mortuaries and Cemeteries that will not be hard to reach, in case your loved ones want to spend some alone time with you. The accessibility also plays a big part during the burial. If the place is difficult to reach, those who want to say goodbye to you as you are being lowered to the ground may not be able to do so. Pay particular attention to the accessibility of the area for the elderly and children.


You may not be there to see or smell the surroundings, but the cemetery should be well-maintained and clean. There is a lot to be said about an unkempt cemetery. The caretakers may be neglecting the place, which means anyone can come in and ransack it. It may be not a cause for alarm if you lose a flower arrangement, but it can cause distress for those you left behind. They want to give you a safe resting place, where they will not worry about your body being exhumed for no valid reason.


Again, you will not be there to experience the serenity that the cemetery brings, but when your loved ones visit, you want them to have some peace and quiet while they are talking to you. You want the place to be calm, and you want your loved ones to reflect on their thoughts without any hindrances.

Choosing your final resting place can be difficult if you compare the landscaping and other freebies that go with the cemetery. To make it easier, consider the factors that matter.