Scarpheap of copper foil The scrap metal recycling industry is the 17th biggest export earner in New Zealand, earning billion dollars per annum. Scrap metal recycling, a service offered by companies such as Metal Salvage Services Ltd, is the recovery of metals and reforming them into another form.

This industry has a huge impact on environmental safety and employment opportunities. You can contribute to scrap metal recycling by segregating metals and bringing them to scrap yards for proper recycling. Apart from this, scrap yards may even pay a small amount in exchange of the metals.

Here are the most common scrap metals and their value.


In good condition, copper is reddish and brown or greenish if worn-out. This is a metal commonly found in houses, pipes, roofs, air conditioners and different electrical wirings. Copper is one of the most valuable recyclable metals and is highly valued.

Exchanging this metal may bring a considerable amount of cash.


Aluminium is a silver metal usually found in cans, window frames, doors and more. Although aluminium is worth less than others are, recycling this material can be very beneficial to the environment.


Brass is a heavy, yellowish material found in hardware and houses. They are fixtures used in keys, doors, lighting, bathrooms and more. Brass may cost less, but due to its density, its heavy weight may bring in some earnings.


Steel is the most commonly used metal worldwide and used widely for different purposes. Though they rust easily, steel is the most recycled material and can go through reuse. Bringing in steel for scrap metal recycling may not pay much money as copper and brass, but recycling it can have benefits.

The main purpose of scrap metal recycling is to reduce waste collection and pollution. In your little way, you can help save the environment by reducing waste while earning a little on the side.