Big Ben, LondonLondon is known to be the most popular city in the world. More than a cultural mosaic, this UK capital with a population of 8.2 million residents is home to iconic landmarks, popular sporting clubs and even the world’s most expensive technology hub.

It’s no surprise then that London attracts millions of visitors yearly. And it has the makings of a great city that’s hard to ignore. So, if you’re one of those whose future plans include living in London, here’s what you should remember:

Understand the cost of living

There’s a good reason why London is popular as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Gas and electricity are costly. Even food prices can empty your wallet. The trick is to understand that things are expensive, so it’s necessary to keep track of one’s finances.

Instead of renting an expensive flat, for instance, settle for cheap accommodation in London. And learn to reduce your trips to the nearby pub also to keep up with your daily budget.

Get into the culture

London has a unique culture, so it’s best to read about it including its history and the people. It’s also a must to know and practice the proper etiquette and behaviour from tipping to queuing. And don’t forget the importance of learning English phrases or London lingo.

Words like “lit” and “pants” have certain meanings and using them appropriately will set you on the right track.

Come prepared

Finally, with London being such a dynamic yet unpredictable city, it’s always best to come prepared for unexpected twists and turns. The weather itself is one unpredictable element that you might be forced to carry around not just sun cream but also an umbrella.

Living in this city; you’ll never know what to expect. What matters is being aware, so you can settle without worries.