mother and child playing with catCats are one of the most low-maintenance pets. For this reason, cats have surpassed dogs and have become the most popular pet in the US.

Play is critical for the physical and mental well-being of your cat, particularly for the indoor cats. Cats normally sleep for up to 16 hours in a day. As such, you have to ensure that they are active and remain stimulated for the remaining 8 hours. To achieve this, buy cat products online and engage your cat in play to reap the following benefits.

Correcting behavioural challenges

Are you contemplating giving up your cat for unruly behaviour? Are they always biting and scratching and has completely refused to be tamed? If so, it is time for play products. Play therapy helps cats realise that they can play and interact without harming children or their owners. Get as many and as interesting toys as possible to keep it stimulated all the time.

Improving metabolism

Obesity holds the number 1 rank in health issues in cats. According to a study, at least 58% of the world’s cats are either overweight or obese. While giving your cat appropriate foods will go a long way in preventing weight problems, exercise is the best way to go. Since cats can be lazy, get some toys to stimulate and entertain it. This way, your feline charges will remain fit and trim for a long time.

Relieving stress

A majority of people wonder what could stress your well-pampered house cats. According to a study, cats easily pick up stress from humans and particularly their owners. What that means is that whenever you are crying, sad or generally fatigued, your cat feels it in equal measure.

Other stresses result from a change in environment or owners. In extreme cases, these stressful situations may lead to the demise of your cat.

To achieve the above targets, you need toys that will stimulate the cats’ urge to play, and also offer satisfaction for the natural hunting drive of your cat. However, note that you just do not just buy and throw the toy at the cat to play, but instead, you engage and play with it.