Promotion Advertisement Sale Branding Marketing ConceptCompanies are among the first to adopt the growing digital trend. In fact, they’re digitising large segments of their operations, including marketing and promotion. And while this is a strategic and necessary move, companies should also keep in mind that some things are not as easy to execute on a computer screen. If they have to choose to retain one old-school marketing strategy, it should be investing in promotional merchandise.

The Power of “Personal”

Receiving a brand-customised item from a company makes people feel special. The knowledge that such items are in limited supply makes them treasure the merchandise, even if they’re merely personalised company pens.

And there lies the point: people often perceive customised things as more valuable than generic items. Besides, the effect of personalised company merchandise goes beyond the sentimental: a study by Hope Hopkins revealed that 76.1% of consumers recall brands from which they received promotional merchandise. Swag is a more effective recall factor than television and print ads, which only scored 53%.

Employees Love Swag, Too

Employees also enjoy receiving merchandise from the companies they work for, especially if they get it for free. Just like with customers and the general public, receiving company merchandise makes employees feel extra special. They know these items are normally for VIPs and special guests, after all. So, the more exclusive and high-quality the items are, the more positive they feel.

Companies should, therefore, consider taking this extra step to boost the confidence and morale of their workforce.

Practicality Forges Loyalty

With evidence pointing to the importance of corporate merchandise, it’s equally necessary to find reliable suppliers that provide high-quality promotional swag.

After quality, practicality and usefulness should be a company’s next considerations. If people use a company’s merchandise often, they can expose its logo and brand more often. This is why company pens and mugs don’t go out of style. Additionally, giving out useful merchandise creates the impression that a company is sensible and considerate — not just out to promote itself.