condominiumsWhere do you want to build your home? That is one question every potential homeowner wants to know. There are many sites like which can help answer that question. These sites help buyers compare subdivisions concerning amenities, features and benefits. Choosing your home nowadays is almost a clear-cut choice between urban high-rise and suburban low-rise. This dichotomy does have its advantages. Some families have a second home in the city and spend their free time in the suburbs.

Condos or House and Lot

There are many new developments in Metro Manila. These are usually condominiums in the heart of the city, or near business and commercial districts. At the same time, subdivisions with houses and lots are under development in the suburbs, especially in Cavite and surrounding areas. Besides the proximity to the city, there are different tradeoffs when choosing between a condo and a house and lot. For those who work and study in Metro Manila, a condo is very convenient. Regarding amenities, modern condominiums have gyms, pools, sauna, function rooms, playgrounds as well as security staff. The same can be said of most high-class subdivisions.

Being in the Center of Things

Another advantage of condominiums is that they are located near commercial and business districts. In some instances, they are also near schools and churches. Residents have the option to walk to their offices, or to schools, shopping centers and parks. However, some families would rather live where the air is fresh and clean. With a new subdivision, the community is also usually of the same age, and the children can grow up together and establish roots. The aforementioned does not often happen when living in a condominium.

Being in the center of things is a matter of viewpoint; there is a choice about where to be. As they say in real estate, location is everything. So, consider this before you decide on a piece of property.