Disposable plastic bags.People always say that change comes from within, and with global warming and all the other issues affecting our environment (and the only planet that we have), change sure does need to come sooner rather than later.

One might think a single individual cannot reverse the melting of the polar ice caps, but being a warrior for Mother Earth need not be a complicated task to take. Yes, one person matters. You can contact a local plastic recycling company to coordinate with your community or your business.

Here are some simple but significant ways you can start contributing to saving nature in your daily routine.

Use Less, Worry Less

Plastic is one of the biggest pollutants that actually end up stuck in our oceans (that is right—they travel that far), and the US is one of the largest countries at fault. Plastic bags, nets, straws, even those six-pack rings ingested by sea creatures and cause severe injuries and death.

If you want to start advocating against the use of plastics, start by refusing take-out cups and straws, grocery bags, and bottles. Reject any packaging that is replaceable with reusable alternatives such as steel straws, canvas bags, and washable/refillable beverage containers.

Shun the Balloons

Parties are always great with decorations, but helium-filled latex balloons pose a very dangerous hazard to our land and ocean buddies. There reports indicating that sea turtles, birds, and even farm animals like sheep ingest pieces of these and cause injuries, choking, and death.

Opt for recycled paper streamers, handmade posters and other creative alternatives to these helium-wasting party favors. It is really the thought – and the company – that counts.

Water Down the Toilet

A shocking 1 Trillion gallons of water end up wasted in the US alone—all because of random water leaks from showers, faucets, or toilets. Make sure that your home does not contribute to this monumental statistic by regularly checking on your plumbing.

Easing on the Meat

The meat farming industry contributes to almost a fourth of the US’ greenhouse emissions. So before you plan your home menu, consider consuming less meat, or maybe shun them altogether, at least one day a week.

Getting everyone involved – and being the one to start the movement – may be daunting at first, but hey, we are all in this together.