Overlooking a roof gutter with raindrops on a balcony during heavy rainfall and strong windsEverybody knows how unpredictable storms are. When it causes damage to your home, it can be confusing on whether you should file for a storm damage, water damage, or a wind damage insurance claim. And one of the terms of home insurance that you probably never realized existed is “wind-driven rain.” If you’ve never heard about it, don’t worry. Most people only hear those words when they find out that their insurance doesn’t cover it. This article will try to shed some light on that.

Wind-driven rain is, well, rain that’s been driven into parts of your home by the wind.

If you put that into insurance terms, it refers to rain that’s pushed by the wind through an opening. And, that if there weren’t any wind, rain wouldn’t go through that opening. Wind and rain are the two elements that damage a home during a storm. If they cause the damage on their own, this will usually be covered by your home insurance.

However, there’s such a thing called “the wind-driven rain stipulation.”

When an insurance agency discovers that there were problems with your house that led to the damage, they may not cover it. For example, your insurance policy may not cover water damage in your home after a storm after finding out that your roof had tiles that needed repair. And that because of those tiles, water was easily driven into your home. That means this wasn’t a storm damage, but a poorly-maintained roof damage.

These things could get tricky but, more often than not, this stipulation is stated clearly in your home insurance policy. The key is to get a good adjuster that can maximize your coverage and check for any irregularities in your insurance plan and hold your insurance company responsible.