Old woman shaking hands with man in suitLosing a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences there is. Even when death is expected, it can still be a shock. Grieving relatives may not feel strong enough to plan a funeral. Funeral directors understand how life-changing a death in the family is, and they treat every family with care and compassion to help them find a funeral service that is the most fitting tribute. When booking a funeral service in Croydon, such as the Rowland Brothers, there will always be someone on the other end of the telephone to talk with. They can assist with all aspects of the ceremony, so their clients can concentrate on celebrating their loved one’s life, not just mourning their death.

Custom-Made Services

They can help with:

  • Transportation from the funeral home to the place of rest
  • A traditional church service, or if preferred, a secular one
  • A cremation-only funeral if no service is required
  • Music and flowers
  • Choosing the type of coffin — solid wood, cardboard or willow are only a few of various available options.
  • Burial — in a traditional cemetery, or if a green funeral has been chosen, in a memorial garden, forest or wild flower meadow.

They can even make all the arrangements on behalf of the family, so they won’t have to.

Pre-Paid Funeral Services

Some people choose to take out a pre-paid funeral plan while they are still here. This has the advantage that they can arrange all aspects of their own funeral themselves, so if they want a pink coffin and a horse and carriage, they can have one. When plans are already in place, those left behind don’t have to worry about making any arrangements. They will also have no cost as the funeral is paid for by the policyholder either as a lump sum or in handy installments. This removes any worry about debts. During bereavement, reach out to funeral directors in Croydon. They support families in their time of need, helping them say goodbye in the best way.