Old man signing a will witnessed by family and lawyerWhen you die, there’s nothing you can do anymore. But there are ways to make your family feel your love even when you’re no longer around. You can still help reduce their financial burden.

Preserve your wealth

If you’ve accumulated enough wealth over your lifetime, you can preserve and give it to your spouse and children in the time of your demise.

There are different options to choose from. First, you can build an individual retirement account (IRA), which doesn’t cost a lot to build. The maximum contribution per tax year is $5,500. If you’re already 50 and above, you can catch up by adding $1,000. When you die, you can then pass this to your family member.

Another is life insurance coverage, which guarantees a claim upon your death. Some policies already include an investment, so you can cover your life while increasing your wealth. Golden Leaves International is a company that can help you with the estate planning.

Keep your debts to a minimum

Here’s one good reason you must avoid debt as much as you can: your family members may be the ones to pay it when you die. It usually happens when the spouse, for example, is the co-owner of a home or a co-applicant of a loan.

Commonly, the family pays off the debts with the estate, which means the assets left for inheritance may decline significantly. Worse, even if the family members are not responsible for paying your debts, debt collectors may still coerce them to do it.

Talk to your children about inheritance

Sometimes a person’s death can bring out the worst in people. For example, children can get into a squabble over your inheritance. The best advice is to create a will and make sure it undergoes a review on a regular basis. But it may not be enough. The next ideal step is to sit down and discuss money matters with your children. This way, they can prepare themselves financially and know your wishes.

It’s interesting how money can still get in the way of a peaceful familial relationship after death, but that’s the way it is. What you can do is to make it as easy to manage as possible for your loved ones.