So you wrote or co-wrote a song. Now what? Here are some helpful tips about credits and royalties that songwriters should know and monitor.

Make sure you agree to songwriter credits as soon as possible

The mere fact that you are agreeing to co-write a song and sharing the credits sends a clear message that you are serious about the credits and royalties involved when you finally release or sell the finished product.

What is important is to sit down and discuss the specifics such as how you will divide the credits and how the revenues will go through division among your co-writers and co-producers. Since this involves contract drafting, reviewing, and signing, sort this out first and get it all in black and white.

Make sure that you publicize the songwriters’ names in all formats

Once you release the finished songs in various media, make sure that all the names of the songwriters are publicized and complete. Apart from ensuring that your name is there, it also provides an equal exposure to everyone who helped write the song and share the credits for it.

Get some help for tracking your royalties

Now, when it comes to tracking your royalties, do not be afraid to get some help from firms that offer various resources and tools to optimize and even automate your accounting royalties management.

In today’s highly digitized world, it’s all the more important to keep track of how your work is distributed, downloaded, and even bought so don’t be afraid to seek help so you can better understand how royalties work.

Now, the Hard Work Starts

Writing the song and releasing it are actually the easiest parts. Selling and distributing it are the hard parts. Moreover, monitoring your earnings through royalties is the trickiest of all. But with the right set of tools, it becomes easier and more manageable so you can focus on creating works that are more original.