a baby on a read baby car seatTraveling with a toddler requires a lot of planning. It includes bringing a stroller, a car seat, and everything that your child needs. Parents may often think about whether they should bring or just rent a car seat. But which do you think is a more practical option?

Bring Your Car Seat…Or Rent a Car Seat?

Some parents might choose to bring their own because of hygiene and cost issues. What is good about renting a baby car seat is that you do not have to go through all the trouble of bringing it along.

Renting a car seat is mainly for convenience, so consider the length of your trip, especially the time on the road, and the hours you might spend on a plane. Lugging a baby car seat is not fun, so consider the length of time you need to spend in the airport or on holiday.

Car Seat Considerations

When renting, consider the quality and safety of the car seat. Some rental agencies offer only a basic baby car seat. These could be flimsy and provide little protection, so make sure that the rental agency provides seats that meet Federal or State Regulations.

You should also compare rental rates, as some car seat rental companies rent by the day, which could cost more than renting a car itself. Some include a car seat when you rent a car, so make sure to call before you make a reservation.

Call ahead of time if you want to rent only a car seat. It would be better to look for a model that is similar to what you regularly use in your car. Once you are at the rental, check and inspect the seat.

Travel in Comfort

You want to travel in comfort when you have your family with you, so all of you could have fun and relax during your vacation. Why not rent a car seat for your child so they’ll stay safe and comfortable throughout the trip?