Business Franchise OpportunityIce cream. This tasty delight is an all-time favorite regardless of age and gender. Recent reports noted that over 80% of the nation’s 250 million people buy ice cream each year. In fact, an average American can eat a whopping 19.7 pounds of this tasty treat annually. It’s now no doubt that many people say that this is a sector worth investing in.

If these figures sound enticing enough, you might want to consider getting into this line of business, preferably by joining a franchise chain. Marble Slab lists some of the factors you should bear in mind when pursuing an ice cream franchising opportunity.

It’s a $39 billion industry

The ice cream industry is worth a whopping $39 billion dollars each year, creating about 180,000 jobs in the United States. The industry produces over 1.5 billion gallons of this sweet treat and other similar desserts, making it the largest in the world.

Most producers (over 60%) market their products regionally, with only 16% having a national presence. Regular ice cream is the most popular variety followed by low-fat ice cream. These numbers only serve to give confidence to the industry as a worthwhile business venture for discerning entrepreneurs.

You’ll walk a proven path

Given that ice cream is a cold treat, you might have its sales fluctuate as the season changes. This could impact your bottom line. You would be happy to learn that although the sales might take a dip over winter, Americans are renowned for their sweet tooth. Joining a franchise offers you further insights into the industry, in addition to proven business strategies to help you succeed.

Instead of winging it, franchisors will offer training and marketing strategies to help your success. They’ll offer your business competitive intelligence that they’ve used to successfully build their businesses.

If looking to go into this business yourself, you would do well to consider joining a franchise if your skills are not up to it. Not only would you be joining a lucrative industry, but you would also have guidance to help you succeed.